Surgery shouldn’t kill people, but it often does. Without vital-signs information, anesthesia and ventilators are often lethal.

The SAM (Screenless Anesthesia Monitor) is a cost-effective vital-signs monitor platform that puts smart technology in every surgical unit on the globe. Safer surgery for everyone, everywhere.

Created with the input of physicians around the globe, The SAM is built to meet the unique needs of anesthesiologists and first responders in low- and middle-resource environments.

Safe surgery dominates world healthcare delivery.

The Global Burden of Disease Study estimates that by 2030, injuries will be the fifth leading cause of death in developing countries – ahead of HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria. Cancer will kill many more.

Despite being faced with catastrophic trauma and disease, over 4 billion people worldwide—or some 60% of the world’s population— do not have access to life-saving surgery, widely caused by a lack of safely administered anesthesia.

Innovation that will change our generation.

Clear and actionable information is the key to safe surgery. The SAM’s rapid vital signs capture and display technology gives physicians the data to keep patients alive and healthy – no matter where they are on the globe.

The SAM also empowers health systems with powerful medical data to provide disease surveillance, track health trends and outcomes, and monitor global disease patterns.

Key features

Each SAM device comes with the following features and capabilities.

Key Vital Signs Parameters

The SAM measures each of the parameters defined by the WHO Guidelines for Safe Surgery, including Blood Oxygen Saturation (Pulse Oximetry), CO2, Blood Pressure, EKG & Patient Temperature.

Robust Design

The SAM is designed to be used in both an operating theater, as well as in a more unstable emergency response environment. While still a delicate medical instrument, the rugged casing is created for field use.

The SAM Mobile App

The SAM's easy-to-use mobile app harnesses the computing power and screen of your phone or tablet to save lives in a surgical procedure. Currently available for Android, and coming for iOS.

Alternative Power Options

The SAM can be powered either by standard AA batteries or by utilizing a power cable. This gives physicians options in areas where the power may be unstable but removes batteries as a limiting factor.


The SAM's secure data stream feature allows anesthesiologists to invite an additional physician to view the patient's vital signs data via the Safe Surgery Global web app - a key feature in expanding global telemedicine.


Streamed data can be securely analyzed and flagged for possible medical problems identified in the patient's vital signs data. This feature allows doctors across the globe to access smart medicine technology.

Winner of the 2019 Anesthesia Innovation Award

The SAM is an innovation that has the potential to transform the field of anaesthesia and improve patient safety worldwide.

World Federation of Societies of Anesthesiologists (WFSA) & Fresenius Kabi

Safe Surgery Global Works with Partners

We are committed to changing global health in collaboration with partners in emergency medicine, data science, civil society, and government. Together we can save the lives of millions in the next decade.

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